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Pacific Coast Crating takes pride in providing consumers, artists and manufacturing with Reliable High-Quality, Cost-Effective Packaging & Shipping Solutions.

The five basic principles that Pacific Coast Crating employees pledge are as follows:

  • Safety FIRST!
  • Know our strengths and challenges
  • Be well-versed with product and service offerings
  • keep staff trained with emerging technologies and techniques
  • Deliver a quality product in a timely manner at a reasonable cost
  • Be customer-commitment, focused and take ownership in every project


Pacific Coast Crating Services LLC is committed to providing customers with (1) quality products and services, (2) in a timely manner and (3) at a reasonable cost. We want our customers to experience excellence as a first and lasting impression. Satisfied customers are happy customers and their loyalty will ensure our success and longevity at Pacific Coast Crating.

We believe in the following as a guideline to our customer service:

  • Keep our commitment to excellence
  • Support their business, when applicable
  • Ask for feedback to improve customer service
  • Take a personal interest in what services they require
  • Remember your customers past business and preferences

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Quality is central to our work and delivering value to our customers. As a company we consistently strive for the highest standards of customer satisfaction through performance excellence.

Pacific Coast Crating is openly committed to improving our quality of services to our customers.

Some of our commitments include:

  • Set customer expectations early
  • Treat customers like they’re your boss
  • Focus on measuring customer satisfaction
  • Avoid making customer retention mistakes
  • Build customer loyalty to increase customer satisfaction