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Pacific Coast Crating takes pride in providing consumers, artists and manufacturing with high-quality, cost-effective packaging and shipping solutions.

custome packing and crating services

We offer various products to meet our customer’s needs, including:

  • Custom Wood Crates
  • Server Rack Crates
  • Trade Show Crates
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Other Products


Custom Built PalletsCustom Built Pallets – Reliable Wood Packaging Solutions

Palletizing and shrink-wrap along metal or nylon banding is a safe and very economically mode of packaging and shipping.

Pallets are used primarily for heavy industrial equipment and for stacking boxes for easy handling by the transport company.


antique watch - valuable cargoProtect Your Investment

Protecting your valuable cargo with a custom designed crate nearly guarantees that it will arrive safely. Insurance for damage and loss is available at a nominal fee and is effective from the time we take physical ownership of your shippment through delivery. As an industry leader, we are proud to announce our success rate of 99.5% in safely shipping cargo around the world.

We at Pacific Coast Crating Services work closely with our underwriter to provide economical international and domestic cargo insurance rates. With air, ocean and trucking insurance through PCC, you get the peace of mind knowing your investment is fully protected.

The conditions and limitations of insurance and liability are stipulated on the House Bill that form a part of the contract.


equipment exhibits trade show crates Reliable Crating and Packaging Solutions

Trade show crates require a crating company that will provide the best service to package your display materials to ensure trade show success. Our crates are designed for high technology equipment exhibits and displays.

We can compartmentalize the interior of the crate and design them with twist-locks for easy opening and removal of your items or equipment. No more having to unscrew the crate walls. We also provide wheels for the trade-show crates along with many types of padding on the inside walls to ensure safe travel.


Custom Built Server Rack Crates

Custom Built Server Rack CratesWe specialize in customized crating and packaging solutions for server racks used to ship & store IT equipment. Our employees are seasoned veterans when it comes to handling, crating, packaging, and shipping IT assets. Whether the requirement is to move a single server across the street or an entire data center across the country, we’re your dedicated one-stop-shop for all your IT service needs.

PCC’s wide-ranging experience and success rate transcends its competitors in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction. Over the past decade we’ve designed & manufactured multitudes of server rack crates used to safeguard IT equipment for numerous businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We welcome a packaging partnership with other businesses and are committed to deliver a quality service in a timely manner. PCC is prepared to dedicate its time and resources to accommodate your packaging and shipping needs.


Custom Wood Shipping Crates

Custom Wood Shipping CratesWhere’s the art?

Wood crates are just boxes made of wood and yes, they do an outstanding job of protecting your precious cargo. The real art in crating and biggest reason your goods deliver undamaged is found within the crate or package. Our wood crates and packages are created with the internal design structure most important to us.

In a sense, we reverse engineer the design through the consideration of the stresses and transportation environment the crate and contents encounter as it travels cross country,
across the ocean or through the air. Over the past 17 years of packing and shipping we have established a 99.7% success rate of damage free deliveries.


custom cratingWe offer custom crating, palletizing, and high-strength corrugated packaging. Each crate, box, or pallet is custom made to fit the item(s) they will contain.

We offer export packaging/crating and shipping and all our export crates are ISPM-15 Certified. Our non-expedited crating service is typically 2-3 days, but we do offer same day, next day and 2-day service with for an additional fee.

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