Reliable Wood Packaging Solutions

reliable wood crating south san franciscioCrating and packaging are the most critical processes in providing safe, secure and reliable transportation of your cargo. We custom manufacture corrugated boxes and wooden crates and use special prep and padding materials to protect and minimize the risk factor involved in the movement of freight.

This is especially important on ocean shipments where the containers on the ship are constantly in motion due to wave action. We’ll use specially designed foam, blocking & bracing and other techniques to ensure a damage free delivery.

Items that are heavy, fragile, high value or emotionally valuable are best shipped in a custom built wooden crate. We have several styles of wood crates, including crates for International shipping, Server Racks and Trade Show crates, just to name a few. Most times the type of cargo being shipped determines the style of crate being used.

Our crates are very durable, reusable and custom made to your specifications. Many clients, especially artists, will use our crates to ship their art, using the same crate many times. Trade show crates are designed and built for the purpose of transporting trade show materials year after year.

Trade show crates are well known to be treated rather roughly at times by the transport company. If WE build your trade show crate and it’s non-transporter damaged, we’d be happy to repair it for a minimal fee at your location (must be within 15 miles of us) or you could arrange to have the crate delivered to our warehouse for repairs.

Specialized packaging materials are vital to the protection of cargo should shifting occur during transport. To mitigate the likely effects of cargo shifting during transport, our packaging professionals use a variety of packing techniques and specialty compression foams to satisfy shock and vibration concerns. Our special foams provide shock protection proportionate to the weight and configuration of your cargo. We do everything in our control to make sure your cargo reaches its destination on time and intact.


Reliable Crating and Packaging Solutions

Reliable Crating and Packaging SolutionsDesigning the best possible crate is essential in providing the best service to our customers. Our professional crate builders are leaders in their respective field and experts in translating a specified packaging requirement into a well-designed customized crate. We strive in designing custom crates that match the type, geometry and appropriate weight requirements of your cargo.

When deciding the type of container to use, we consider both the degree of protection and the level of security required. The container offering the least amount of protection and security is the standard wood pallet. Corrugated boxes are the next level up with the wood crate offering the highest level of protection and security.

Equally as important is the protection of your cargo from inside forces. This internal crate design is known as the ‘Art of Crating’. Its purpose is to protect cargo from the internal structure of the crate. We accomplish this with the correct foam cushioning, placement within the crate and padded bracing to optimize the safety of your cargo. The foam cushioning serves as shock dampeners and a vibration-diminisher to minimize incidents of damage and the internal bracing of the container secures your cargo and prevents movement within the shipping container.


Reliable Wood Packaging Solutions

PCC offers a full spectrum of crating solutions. We offer on-site crating services to individuals and businesses when appropriate to the situation or requested by the customer. Our professional staff is available to come to your residence or business and develop a plan to properly crate and package your cargo.

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